Tips for Staying Un-Scorchy
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It’s hot out. Hotter than hot, actually. With the humidity levels and heat index, Mother Earth is pushing us to a literal boiling point. (Seriously, has anyone tried boiling water outside? I’m real interested.) And unless we get burned or extra dehydrated, there’s not a whole lot we can do about it. That is, without getting creative. So slather on your sunscreen, pack up a jug of seriously cold water, and try these stay-cool ideas.


client-netflixBoring? No. Cool? Yes. In all senses of the word. Especially when you’re catching up on that joint Gilmore Girls/NCIS marathon you invented and wondered why no one else invented it first.

Running Through the Sprinkler

girl running through the sprinkler cartoonWho says you’re too old to enjoy this time-honored classic? Certainly not my adult neighbors who run through their own sprinkler every time they need in their garage. (By the way their yard is the exact shade of green as my non-watered version.)

Meal Plan

eat your veggies graphicNo one wants to eat heavy meals in the heat, so instead, opt for lighter, more frequent meals. Where you’re getting plenty of nutrition, but aren’t over-stuffing the body.

Visiting a Body of Water

cake floating in pool of waterPools count. So do oceans, lakes, ponds, and any other entity that holds liquid inside of it. Try it. Now.

Pretending to Like Outside

someecard hermit going outsideWhether or not you’re “outdoorsy,” getting in some vitamin D can be good for the body. So even if you hate sweating and letting the sun touch you for more than two seconds, try it, even a little. It’s good for you.

Eat Cold Things

rainbow snow cone with lots of colorsIce cream, popscicles, snow cones, etc. are all prefect summer snacks. They taste good, and help cool you down. Double duty.

Embrace Your Inner Pinterest

pinterest search result for staying cool in the summerThis site is full of great ideas. From slip-n-slide themed kickball, to boozy frozen drinks, to homemade chilled scarves, they can help keep you cold. With some pretty colorful looking pictures, too.



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