What I’m Reading: Edition 3
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Every year as the temperature drops, I start getting excited about books. All over again, that is. The air will chill while the leaves change color and almost immediately, I’m in need of a book. (Which means three weeks ago.) There’s just something about the fall smell that makes me want to read. Probably weather that isn’t sweaty … along with sunset times that encourage lamps. All of those things, among other reasons, make me want to read.

Which I then do, happily.

Not just any book, though. It has to be a good one. As a smart librarian once told me, there’s no point in reading a terrible book. If it sucks, stop reading. And trust me, I’ve stopped reading plenty sucky/boring books.

But this is a list of ones that don’t suck:

The Night Circus

Night-Circus-Cover-low-resIt’s quirky. It’s intriguing. And it’s some great writing. Three ingredients for a great read. I’m working my way through this library-find goldmine at the moment, and, in all honesty, am blowing through this blog so I can keep reading. No offense guys.

Side note, it was completed as part of National Novel Writing Month, and is on its way to becoming a movie produced by Harry Potter genius, David Heyman. Which means it will be great.


635652322095155007-mottled-XSue Grafton has written an entire slew of Kinsey Millhone pieces. Where each letter of the alphabet is its own mystery book (the good kinds of mysteries, not cheesy), starting with A is for Alibi, and so on. X is the first as a stand-alone title (without the “is for [fill in the blank]”) and also said to be Grafton’s darkest. I can’t wait to see what all of the “dark” fuss is about. Or to add it to my nearly complete Grafton collection.

And in lame news, Grafton has stated, multiple times, that she will never sell movie rights. Meaning Miss Millhone will never see the big screen. Though I respect her reasoning, I’m saddened by its results.

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher

the assasination of margaret thatcherI’ve yet to read a Hilary Mantel book, but popular opinion agrees they are each a masterpiece. This one is a collection of short stories (in which she creates an entirely skewed version of someone who is still alive, BTW, which means I can’t not read it). Though most of her books have been novels, like Wolf Hall, Bring up the Bodies, and Fludd. Serious reading potential right here.

Also on my fall reading radar:

  • Library of Souls – it’s brand new (!) and the latest edition in the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series. The series’ first book will be released as a movie in spring of 2016. It will star Eva Green as Miss Peregrine and be directed by Tim Burton. Can we all breathe in collectively and exhale with “BESTTHINGEVER”?
  • Ostrich
  • Fruit of the Lemon – Both of the above were gifts that I have yet to conquer. (But am very excited to do so.)
  • Other books I haven’t come across yet. I’m on the lookout for all of you. Beware.




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