Reasons Fall is My Homegirl
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Reasons Fall is My Homegirl

The term “basic bitch” may be so 2014, but for today, we’re bringing it back. Why? Because it’s fall, and hearing “basic” reminds me, almost exclusive, of everything fall. Seeing as some Internet someone decided to associate the term with everything awesome, it stuck. In my head. Where I’m reminded of every fall awesome thing.



Yes and yes some more. They are comfortable like a vacation for the legs. And you can wear them with baggy shirts … without feeling guilty about it. Whoever talks crap on leggings has never worn them. Or hates being great at life.

Pumpkin Flavored Anything

basic bitch pumpkin spice latte PSL tank topGuys, pumpkin tastes delicious. And it’s seasonal, just like every vegetable in the summer or peppermint in the winter. (All of which have a great reputation, BTW.) Let’s all stop talking crap already and leave pumpkin spice alone. Just like Britney.


They’re warm. They’re comfortable. They’re stylish. They match perfectly with leggings. Next!

Tall Boots

I’m cold by nature, so anything that’s going to help me wear extra socks without it being known that I’m wearing extra socks is ok in my book. Oh they’re dressy OR casual? Even better.

Giant Buns

The hair kind. We don’t need our hair all in our face at all hours of the day, so what better way to fancy up a whole lotta headwear with a giant bun? I cannot think of a single better alternative.


bear wearing flannel shirt cartoonAmazon tells me that flannel is making a comeback. And I’m pretty pumped about it. Just one more way it’s fashionable to be warm and non-form-fitting.

Crunching Leaves

This might be the inner child in me, but who doesn’t love smashing on some dead tree fare? Especially when they’re so noisy/beautiful.

Crisp Weather

It’s just flat enjoyable. So go out there and enjoy it, ya’ll. Preferably while wearing your best basic gear, drinking a PSL, and crunching on some freshly fallen leaves. But you know, you do you; I won’t judge.


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