Why Don’t I Have an Advice Column?
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Why Don’t I Have an Advice Column?

This week I found out one of my favorite email columnists was quitting her job. Or rather, leaving her keyboard for one that’s greener. Which just means she’s writing for something/one different now. Her name is Emily AKA Prudie, and I have been reading her column on Slate for years. It’s a setup where people write in about their strange and unusual problems – sometimes simply to complain. And she puts most of them in their place – sometimes letting writers know they’re right, other times pointing out how wrong they are.

It’s an incredible form of entertainment.

No, I didn’t agree with her 100% of the time, and no I’m not really over how she ignored my email asking whether or not it was ok to give a single (bigger) gift for a shower and wedding. But that doesn’t mean I wont miss her.

lucy charlie brown advice booth five centsIn reading this announcement, I also realized there was – at one point – a job opening. One that would have been a dream job, and that I didn’t get. Mostly because I didn’t know it was available, and therefore couldn’t apply.

But seriously, writing an advice column would be the best job ever. It’d still be writing (which is already the best job ever), but with an added level of urgency. Plus I’d get to help people … while hearing about their (anonymous) weird issues. Wins all around.

Other reasons I’d be great at this job: the person they hired is a humor writer (hello), albeit one that’s much better known. (She has her own Wikipedia page and everything.) She’s also 28 and a huge Dear Prudie fan. So far, I’m three for three. She’s also a New York Times best seller (crickets), has founded a famous website (umm), and has written for all types of fancy websites and magazines. Ok fine, they picked a great candidate.

One that I’m ready to keep reading … just as soon as they get all the logistical posts out of the way and get back to the real stuff. I can’t wait.


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