Thanks, Intense Wind
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Lately, it’s been extremely windy. Like, front porch décor in the backyard, trash barrels flipped over, and window howling windy. It drones on at all hours of the day; the wind simply cannot be stopped. Whishhhhh, squeal, whirr, falluhhhh – for hours, and days, upon end. It’s also one of the worst parts about Midwestern weather. A solid gust of wind can decrease the temperature by like, 40 degrees, and that’s the least of its issues.

Other wind-induced annoyances:

Hair in Lip Gloss

Belle-hair-getting-all-up-her-lip-glossIn fact, hair in the wind, period. It’s everywhere it’s not supposed to be. At all times.

Crap Everywhere

the wind blew book cover pat hutchinsThere’s trash in the yard. Décor that’s been tossed into new areas. Pieces of the neighbor’s wreath are found throughout the neighborhood. Mail has to be held on to with a death grip. Anything can get blown anywhere at any time.

Wardrobe-Defying Abilities

dr evil wind chillAny lady who regularly wears dresses in Kansas has had her skirt blown up. Maybe even a few times. But on colder days, it’s not flashing underwear that we have to worry about. It’s wind that can sneak its way in through any possible crevasse.

Staying Inside

windy cartoon blowing airIt’s not enjoyable to open the front door some days, leaving us to actually want to stay inside. Even in agreeable temperatures.

Never Getting a Break

fry-can-t-tell-meme-generator-can-t-tell-if-earthquake-or-wind-21c244Like ever. If you’re inside, you hear it. If you’re outside, it’s yowling at you personally. On the windiest of days, there’s simply no escaping.


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