Avoiding the Crowd in Holiday Season
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Crowds are the worst. Like, terrible to deal with. Add on sales or the threat of not getting the perfect gift (at the perfect price), and the mobs get even angrier. Which, in turn, makes me angrier. It’s also why, this holiday season, I’ll be doing much of my shopping online via Amazon (why yes I’ll take household goods, gifts, and non-perishable snacks all in the same delivery). Or at Orschlens, that place has everything … minus the people. It’s usually full of farmer’s who are nice and open the door for short women and when I say “full” I mean maybe there is five to nine, depending on the time of day.

Anyway, I hate crowds and encourage others to do the same. This holiday season, keep yourself around the people you actually want to be around by:

Saying No

say no quote steve jobs meme

It’s ok to “let people down.” In fact, as long as you’re up-front about it, it’s way better to ditch out than to half-ass an event. (Or say you’re coming and then no-show.) Even Steve Jobs agrees you should focus on what’s important. Even if that’s Netflix and popcorn.

Make Time for People You Care About

cheesy chirstmas card couple with dog

Who needs to go to a giant party when you regularly catch up with the people you want to see anyway? That is, unless the party is your thing.

Embracing Your You Time

stick figure loves couch running toward it

The other day I saw an episode of House Hunters where the dad had named his couch, Gabriela, and was way worried about having time alone with her in quiet. Specifically, with the presence of a door on the TV room. Sometimes you just gotta name your couch and be who you are. Don’t let these times pass you by.

Say Yes to Staying in More

liz lemon staying in more meme 30 rock

If Liz approves, it must be right.

Use Off Times

supermarket_splash game with DW from arthur

Everyone grocery shops. Grocery shop during work instead.



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