New Years Resolution for 2016: Holding Life Together
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New Years Resolution for 2016: Holding Life Together

Last year I made a goal to not wear real pants for as long as possible. It lasted February when, after two months of stretchy materials and no pockets, I caved and put on a pair of jeans. Like a real American. This year, however, my goal is way more ambitious … and way less petty.

It’s to nut up.

Of course there are the universal goals like eating better and walking after long hours behind a desk. Maybe I could work on sometimes being nicer … but mostly the other thing. Because adulting is hard, and sometimes it’s really hard. And the only way to get through it is by being busy. When the alternative is whining and complaining and essentially making it worse for yourself and everyone around, why not focus your energy on the positive and create a distraction? That sounds like a better use of time, right?

Besides, my Pinterest page has never been more ambitious, my Chex Mix addiction never stronger, and my to-do list never so long. But in the good type of way. And that’s only the beginning, just wait and see.

Here’s to staying buisily calm, and a productive 2016.



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