Favorite Ways to Keep Warm
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It’s chilly, there’s no doubt about it. Paired with my general nature for being freezing in tall seasons, it sometimes means staying warm through creativity. Out of all of the methods there are of staying warm — without being a blanket-hoarding hermit — here are some of my favorites.

Flannel Sheets

flannel sheets with deer print

Whoever invented these things must be a millionaire, or at least I hope they are. Versions that come in cheesy prints are just icing on the cake.

Tea … and a Mug Warmer

candle_coffee_warmerThis handy little surface might be made for candle wax, but it’s keeping my drinks nice and toasty all the same.


pink fuzzyuzzy bear slippers
So cozy. So comfy.

Oversized Clothes

too-tight sweatshirt

Three sizes bigger and this mannequin will be set for longterm warmth.


soup nazi seinfeld no soup for you meme

Warm, tasty, winning.


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