Read This Book With Me, EVERYONE
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Read This Book With Me, EVERYONE

Confession: I am new at being a military wife … but I am definitely not new at judging books. In fact, I haven’t finished a terrible (or somewhat annoying) book since 11th grade, and that was a book on tape that I listened to by force — when the “force” was not getting a bad grade. Every book I’ve actually finished since, however, has been amazing.

That’s also why I’m oh-so-delighted to recommend The Modern Military Spouse, a super awesome book that everyone I’ve ever met should read.

Unlike most military wife literature (if that’s not already a genre, it just got coined), it realizes we’re some real down-ass chicks. And we need to read some down-ass books. Like this one that outlines the ups and the downs, the hardships that non-military won’t quite understand, and the simple differences from civilian world that create absolutely massive lifestyle gaps.

Who Should Read the Book?

Any military wife or SigOth. Or anyone thinking about seriously dating a service member. As well as anyone who wants to know what it’s like to be led by Uncle Sam. And especially everyone who says, “Wow I have no idea what you might be going through.” Those people should definitely read this book. 1. because it will provide them with some insight, and 2. it’s good writing. Conversational, grammatically correct and fact-checked, full of personal anecdotes — really everything that makes a (non-fiction) book worth reading. Also, it’s a quick read and only $10.

Where Can You Get It?

Right here on Jo, My Gosh! It comes in eBook form, so go nuts on your eReaders, folks. Could I sell it on my blog? Of course I could. But that seemed mostly like peer pressuring everyone into a sale. And also setting up the affiliate program seemed like work. Besides, don’t you all respect my opinion more now that I’m not profiting from it? That’s what I thought.

Anything Else You Need To Know?

See you all next week.


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