Every Day is Craft Day
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Every Day is Craft Day

It’s true, my hobbies, in my old age, are getting kind of lame. Where I once enforced a two-beer knitting rule, now it’s an it’s-after-10-p.m. rule … or I just stop crafting because my carpal tunnel is acting up. But now the lame-ness factor is only getting worse; I’m starting in on quilts and indoor gardening projects – and I even do it on the weekends. Sometimes with accomplices, other times with Toga as my only witness.

I’m getting Facebook notifications for craft-based games. I’m learning that craft-based games exist. My sewing machine has taken claim on the dining room table.

And the worst part is, I actually like it.

Because it’s cold and because it’s deployment, I need some things to pass the time. And when those things are productive, even better. Why Netflix when you can Netflix and make a blanket to keep you cozy for the next time you Netflix? Now that’s some serious full-circle thinking.

Besides, I’m learning some real life skills, if I ever decide to go pioneer or live off the land. Which, aside from temperature control and indoor plumbing, I think I could totally do, BTW. I’d grow the food, can the food, and make millions of blankets for winter. But in any scenario, some type of craft store is going to have to beat the apocalypse because I’m only taking this obsession back so many steps. Fabric and yarn are a must, obviously.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be felting my way through the wind chill; see you all on the other side of spring.


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