The Grossest Foods of Them All
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The Grossest Foods of Them All

I’m not picky. Really. If you cook it, I’ll almost always eat it … or at least try. I’ve never been scared of home cooking and prefer someone’s kitchen adventures to eating out almost every day. Creating my own kitchen adventures are also a good time. In fact, I catch flack for trying too many weird things, or for being willing to try too much. Admittedly, my experiments sometimes are over the top – to the point where they aren’t that worth eating. But I still attempted, right?

But I’m not universally a garbage disposal, either. There are still some foods I dislike. Some that I won’t even touch, and am grossed out by a single whiff. Including:

Hot Dogs

Puke. These things are about as disgusting as they come. As I understand it, it’s basically all the animal leftovers ground up and put into tiny little tubes. Then marketed as “dogs.” And they smell like putrid rubber with a side of gut rot. (The same goes for bologna or other combo meats.) No thanks, ever.

That also goes for hot dog-shaped sausages. Nope, just nope.

Orange Cream

Is it citrus or is it dairy? Because those two things do not mesh. And who had the disgusting idea to combine them into a single flavor of barf? I’ll take one or the other, but combine them and I’m immediately out. Especially if it’s in toothpaste; I’d rather go unbrushed.

White Chocolate

The only white chocolate I’ve ever enjoyed is in my at-home wax kit … which is not meant for eating, obviously. The smell isn’t terrible, and considering waxing itself is less than pleasant, I don’t much care what “flavor” it comes in. Add white chocolate to any type of dessert, however, and it’s a guaranteed way to keep me from eating it.

Fennel Seeds

It’s so amazing that something grown naturally can taste like absolute garbage can water. (You know that stuff that brews in the bottom of the trash when it rains?) Even as an avid gardener, I’ve never grown fennel seeds; my hatred is that deep. So I’m not sure what it is about their growing process that brings out the seedy dumpster aromas, but it is definitely something.


anti_cloves_hoodieAs a scent, I’m on the fence about this stuff. Like it’s ok when mostly veiled by cinnamon. But as a flavor? Or as the scent of food (vs. a candle)? It’s a quick way to ruin an entire meal. Seriously, drop in like, a single piece of ground clove and watch your appetite disappear. If you’ve ever wanted to ruin an entire dish, this is the perfect way to do it.

Also on the list:

Anything else that sounds too weird whenever I hear about it. It is my list, after all, and I’ll change it as needed, thankyouverymuch.


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