Find a New Home, Wind
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Find a New Home, Wind

It’s spring in the Midwest, which means you have absolutely no idea what the weather is going to do. And actually, it’s Kansas, so you have no idea what it’s going to do on any day ever. But after our second mild winter in a row, spring has come early – and it’s come in with gusto. As in gusting winds. At least a few days a week, Mother Nature is out there billowing and blowing the day away, sending allergies rampant through the air. Because of her antics, each of my outdoor rugs is weighted with a rock, and unless the trashcan is at least half full, it sits on its side. There is no point in constantly pulling it upright.

pocahontas hair blowing in wind

Unfortunately, it’s not this glamorous IRL.

She won’t stop this spring. Maybe for a day or two she’ll rest, but only to be zooming leaves through the air the following day. And we’re seriously getting tired of it.

Windows screech, the house settles, my hair is twisted into flying and chap stick-covered knots. A pony tail is a girl’s best friend. In some extreme cases, I’ve been wakened to a shaking bed – the wind rattles walls and moves down into the furniture. Did I mention my house doesn’t have much blockage? But seriously, wind, go away. Quit ruining our nice spring days and get your dirt up out of our faces.

We hear the Northwest is nice – maybe it’s time for a visit.


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