Things I’m Doing on Spring Break
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Spring break may have taken place mid-March in Kansas (which I utilized by frequenting coffee shops that are usually ridden with students), but in the South they wait until it’s good and hot before heading on break. And since that’s the region that my current satellite office is located (in my in-laws’ living room), now is when I’m utilizing my pre-summer break.

Don’t worry, responsibility police and full-time workers, I’ve been planning and working extra hours for weeks to make up for my time off.

So now I can do things like:

Road Trip

road trip ladies looking at map driving in classic green convertible car

My neck pillow already is packed.

Being Touristy

glitter rainbow colored fanny pack

If I had a song about favorite things, this would be in it.


shopping spree some e card meme funny

Yes please.

Getting Adventurous With Foods

man's face made out of foods fruits and veggies

But not TOO adventurous.

Treat Drinks

tea and coffee mug print pattern

Sbucks, McD’s, Leaf & Bean, Dunkin’, E Bros., locals — I’m coming for all of you.


girl wearing comfy clothes oversized sweats

For realz.




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