It’s My Birthaversary
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It’s My Birthaversary

This week is my birthday — woohoo for April celebrations; it’s right when the weather is starting to get good again, after all. Which means it’s time to go outside and enjoy actual plants, even if they do make our noses run. Then the next day, after my day of birth, it is my and Bo’s anniversary. Our very first one. (swoon)

Last year at this time, we went to a military ball where we got dressed up and fancy, then went home early so we could get hitched. This year, as a married couple, we’ve been apart for longer than we’ve been together. It’s a fact that sounds dramatic (and probably is). But when you ease into away-ness one day at a time, it doesn’t feel dramatic until you go back and type about it.

Besides, we’re heading toward the finish line of our long-distance marriage. We are one day closer with every single pot of coffee and dose of sleepy time tea.

Sometimes it’s easier to scale life with liquids.

Even not having him here, I’m pretty dang happy about my choice of a husband. I picked one so good, he lumped all the big dates together so he can’t lose track. That’s pure smarts.

No, I won’t drone on about the mushy sappy parts, I wrote Bo joke cards instead. And he knows just what that means; it’s how I show loving affection. And I’m pretty sure it’s the most direct form of “I love you” that’s ever been said.




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