Getting My Steps
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Getting My Steps

This morning, at 10:14 am, I have taken approximately 1,557 steps. Yesterday, I took 9,047 steps, which is about 3.75 miles, in case you are interested. I know all of those things because I got a Fitbit. It’s purple and it goes with me everywhere – everywhere dry, anyway; dishes and showers are strictly off-limits, for obvious reasons.

It’s a great little device, reminding me to walk and get up and move every single hour. It also allows me how much physical activity I’ve gotten in a day, especially workdays, which mostly require sitting behind a desk. It’s a reminder to walk up stairs, to be active in general. Even though the weather isn’t 100% cooperating this week (who wants to walk in 40-degree downpours?), it’s still been a pretty good win.

Sometimes I even walk living room circles, just so I can reach my 10k step goal. (It’s harder than you’d think, except for the days when it’s way easy.)

Other upsides: it’s a competition with every friend I know who has a Fitbit, and who I say can keep track of my shiz.

Really, I super love this thing … aside from one gaping hole.

Is it a Creepy Tracking Device?

dog with pipe and magnifying glassSeriously. I know it’s supposed to track, but what all is it tracking? And who gets this information? How are the steps logged? By movement or GPS location? Like what if I just paid to have my every move recorded for some creep-tastic use? I didn’t read the brochure, either, so there could have been some agreement where they disclosed intentions to video and sell footage of all my boring activities, only I have no idea because I’m too lazy to read user instructions.

I mean, it’s a possibility.

Overall, though, that’s a solid thumbs up on the Fitbit … use at your own risk.


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