What I’m Listening to: Podcast Edition 1
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What I’m Listening to: Podcast Edition 1

Every so often, I update the interweb on what I’m reading. New discoveries, a series that suddenly can’t be printed quickly enough, and more titles that I’ve found worth reading, Or something that I am so obsessed about I’ve run out of people to tell so I have to tell it to my blog. Now it’s time to follow that same format with all my favorite podcasts.

What is a podcast? If you know what a podcast is, feel free to skip to the next section, you accomplished 21st century citizen. If you don’t know what a podcast is, I’m about to tell you: it’s a listening program that can be heard to at your own convenience. Basically, it’s a radio talk show that can be enjoyed on the go – download episodes on your phone or listen from the computer.

Anyone can host their own show by coming up with a common theme, recording their commentary, and cutting out the unnecessary parts. Then, it’s uploaded online or to an app store and voila, it’s a podcast.

The benefits of podcasts:

  • They’re entertaining. You can listen to shows about virtually anything and be constantly entertained in the process. Choose a few of your interests and stock up on shows that teach, share, and inform.
  • The commercials are short and infrequent.
  • You can learn while you listen.
  • They break down the monotony of music. Are you tired of hearing the same freaking song for the 11th billion time? (I’m talking to you Pandora.) Podcasts come with unique content each time … and you can skip anything you don’t enjoy.
  • They’re free.


  • They’re constantly asking for donations. (Some of them anyway.) Either charge me or don’t. Besides, don’t you have some sponsors?

Podcasts in My Phone Right Now:


criminal logo

Short and sweet, these stories outline a certain criminal-esque event and discuss the facts behind them. One time it was about a guy who got pulled over after flipping off a cop. Another time it was about people stealing petrified wood and then mailing it back, saying they were cursed. Criminal is a great listen and a quick way to keep your brain busy.

The Allusionist

the allusionist logoThis podcast is all about words. Where they come from, how they’ve changed, how they have evolved over time. The Allusionist hosted by a spunky Brit, Helen Zaltzman, who has plenty of jokes and even more personality. Quite frankly, I’d listen to her make a grocery list – I’m confident it’d be a fun way to pass some time. Go listen to her.

Stuff You Should Know

stuff you should know podcast ogoEven more jokes are found here, on Stuff You Should Know. The show where two hosts dissect something new each week and tell you all about it – from start to finish. Did I mention they’ve got jokes too? It’s a great way to learn about some random – yet super intriguing topics, like LSD, the Heimlich maneuver, lead, tornadoes, and more. And considering there are more than 800 episodes you can listen to, those are only the beginning. Get pumped.


serial podcast logoIs it time for season three yet? Because I’m having Serial withdrawal, yeah, it’s that addicting. Serial is an NPR-based show that outlines a different mystery case for an entire season of shows (season 1 was about a murder trial from the 90s and its subsequent appeals, and season 2 was about an AWOL soldier who spent 5 years with the Taliban). And if you think that sounds pretty in depth, you’re right. The show dives deep into histories, conducts interviews that unlock facts, and hooks you so you can’t wait to hear more.

If I’m not listening to one of the above, it’s likely that I’m listening to one of the other 15 podcasts on my phone instead. Come join me in this incredible quest for entertainment/knowledge.


  • Rob says:

    Serial was quite interesting. I started when the penultimate episode of season 1 was in the can. Naturally my other podcasts tend toward history & economics. Once I’m all caught up, I may investigate these others you mention. Cheers.

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