The Worst Chores Never Get Done
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The Worst Chores Never Get Done

“You’re from the country but you ‘aint country,” that’s what my husband told me one day. He’s good at revelations like that. Quick one-liners that describe people nice and succinctly … sometimes even better than they’re able to describe themselves. Like how he pointed out my inability to get keys made or place things in the safe, even if they’re valuable and that is their actual “spot.” I hate clutter, but somehow refuse to put these things away.

Each time he’d ask about one or the other, I’d say the same thing, “No I didn’t do it yet. Sorry I’m lazy.” And he’d just shrug and that’d be that … until he queried again the next week. Until one day he left me with a humdinger. It wasn’t that I was lazy, he said; I do lots of things, after all. It’s that if I don’t want to do something, I don’t do it. And he is right. I don’t like getting keys made – it’s not that the task is especially difficult or expensive. It’s that it’s a hassle. You have to commit to finding a place, then actually take the keys off of the ring (prop open the metal with your fingernail then wedge it through … you know the ordeal), then explain which ones you need made and if it needs the chip (which actually is expensive). Then you have to pay and undo everything you just did. With the added task of getting onto the computer and learning the steps of tricking your car that the new key is actually the original. Pure hassle.

man lounging on growing to-do listMeanwhile, the safe is hard to open. Dishes that are hand-washed rarely get put away because I’ll probably need them again quite soon, and a myriad of other excuses. When I want to do something, I pretty much go out of my way to complete said task. Like gardening for hours on end or waking up at 4:45 to pick up vehicles before a day of work … just so I can chill in between. But when I don’t, I don’t really do it. End of story.

Only recently, hubs gave me a different type of chore: to buy myself some boots. The cowgirl kind. I’ve always thought they were expensive and outside of my style comfort zone, and I still (medium) feel that way. But when the “chore” involves getting new shoes, I’m almost wholly on board. Because of the new shoes, but also because of the shopping experience; browsing is one of my favorite things of all time. Which means it’s going to get done, probably very quickly.

The keys though? They’re still not made. The cash eventually made its way into the safe. And those dishes? They get put into their normal spots, assuming I won’t need them in the near or semi-distant future. Your guess is as good as mine as to when that might be.


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