Call it a Comeback
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Call it a Comeback

Hello there, it’s nice to see you again.

The What

After a 20-month break, I’ve decided to get the work gang back together. (And by gang I mean me, Toga, and our two new freshmen members, one dog, one human.)

So hey girl, what’s up?

A lot has happened since we last spoke: I moved to the South (then moved again), got a new-to-me car, took up archery, had a baby — oh, and we got cable. As Ferris Bueller once told me, life moves pretty fast. He was right.

The Why

Last week I got a receipt from my blog host. It’s not especially expensive, but apparently two-year-ago me was like, 24-month plan, I’m all in! And I paid all at once. So then it expired and I got auto-billed. The extreme cheap-ness in me said no, this can’t happen. Why pay so much for something that’s just sitting? It’s the same way I feel about my collection of non comfortable shoes.

Next, I thought, “I should take it down. Cancel the plan and download it as a keepsake.” Yet this voice started chanting in the back of my head: “Bring it back. Bring it back! BRING IT BACK.”

That was yesterday; today, the voice won.

The How

Don’t you worry, I’ll be fumbling through my basic HTML skills like always. Website updates are in place, but don’t be expecting anything fancy.

The When

Previously I wrote every week. This time around there’s no promises; I’ll post when I post. But I will blow up your social media/email when I do. The good news is the babe is on the upside of a sleep regression so I’m getting about 110% more sleep than I did a week ago. (Please let it keep!)

The What

We have so much to cover! Stay tuned for posts about oversized pets, a magic dumpster, the deck of disappearance, and the time I flashed a pair of my underwear in church. Oh and of course, I’ll tell you about the hunk-a-chunk of a baby, too.

See you soon. I missed you all!



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