Read This Book With Me, EVERYONE
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Confession: I am new at being a military wife … but I am definitely not new at judging books. In fact, I haven’t finished a terrible (or somewhat annoying) book since 11th grade, and that was a book on tape that I listened to by force — when the “force” was not getting a bad grade. Every book I’ve actually finished since, however, has been amazing. That’s also why I’m oh-so-delighted to recommend The Modern Military Spouse, a super awesome book that everyone I’ve ever met should read. Unlike most military wife literature (if that’s not already a genre, it just got coined), it realizes we’re some real down-ass chicks. And we need to read some down-ass books. Like this one that outlines the ups and the downs, the hardships that non-military won’t quite understand, and the simple differences from civilian world that create absolutely massive lifestyle gaps. Who Should Read the Book? Any military […]

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