My Neighborhood is Probably Haunted
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Squeak. Creaaaak. Errrrrrrr. Squeak SQUEEAAAAAK. That’s what I hear every time I step outside my front door. It’s also what I hear when the heat shuts off or anytime the house gets too quiet. It’s like the start of a horror story that never gets past its foretelling scenes – where the audience is right on the edge of their seats, only nothing happens. That’s reason number one that my neighborhood is probably haunted. For logic’s sake, we can talk about the source of the squeaking: it’s a windmill down the block that’s likely gaining more rust with all the recent rain/freezing temperatures. In the wind or anytime there’s almost a breeze, it’s telling its weathered ways. But because the structure is tall and the wind is an absolute constant – seriously it’s some type of science-defying wind tunnel; just ask all of my dead garden plants – the high-pitched […]

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