The Grossest Foods of Them All
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I’m not picky. Really. If you cook it, I’ll almost always eat it … or at least try. I’ve never been scared of home cooking and prefer someone’s kitchen adventures to eating out almost every day. Creating my own kitchen adventures are also a good time. In fact, I catch flack for trying too many weird things, or for being willing to try too much. Admittedly, my experiments sometimes are over the top – to the point where they aren’t that worth eating. But I still attempted, right? But I’m not universally a garbage disposal, either. There are still some foods I dislike. Some that I won’t even touch, and am grossed out by a single whiff. Including: Hot Dogs Puke. These things are about as disgusting as they come. As I understand it, it’s basically all the animal leftovers ground up and put into tiny little tubes. Then marketed […]

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