Going Pioneer in All the Good Ways
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It’s getting crunchy up in here. And I like it. The crunchier, the better, I say – just like my peanut butter. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s a new-fangled way to talk about being green and/or organic. But just like everything, I only ever want to make my own version of it. I’m not going super hippie and hand-crafting everything. Just some things. There will be no hand-fashioned tampons by moi. And especially not cleaning the carpet with a homemade vacuum. Or not shaving and avoiding store-made clothes. Store-made clothes are the best fitting kinds of them all. But sometimes, I like being super pioneer-y. Like that day, two days ago, when I made homemade fruit roll ups (that are delicious, BTW) and transferred the starter plants into the ground. Then ate man casserole that held more than 2.5 pounds of meat. Or the time I organized all […]

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