A List of Firsts, and Also Seconds
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[pullquote]Inspired by my friend Jess Zimlich at 26 and Not Counting, I’ve decided to compile my very own list of things to accomplish. Or rather, things I already have done in 2014. Like Jess, I’ll explain each point, but with a very EoG-y twist. And way less exercising. [/pullquote] The Intro There’s been little veiling about the life changes brought on by 2014 – new address, new office, new intern to push around and hear an endless supply of jokes from. New year, new activities. And aside from the point of impact, it’s been a real bitchin’ time. One that has caused me to go outside of my comfort zone and into a whole new realm of comforts. Most days have been groovy, neat-o, and an all around rad time. But because there is an exception to every rule, there was that one day that caused an addict-level relapse, which your […]

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I Went to a Paint Party, and it Was a Damn Good Time
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Note: this blog was written after it got a record number of requests (three). Keep the topics coming and I’ll keep writing them. When life gives you paint, sometimes you just have to throw it on one another. (Obviously.) And sometimes, you buy a concert ticket and get coated in paint from firefighting-sized hoses. (Less obviously.) And it’s the best thing you’ve done. Like, for a while. Sure your hair got incredibly crispy – more disgusting than it’s been since that one time you got thrown in the mud – or the time you had your tonsils taken out and were doctor-ordered not to tilt back your head for a week. And maybe the paint party was 947 degrees with zero breeze. But you were also with your friends, and at a concert. Where neon paint was being blasted around – so really, how bad could it be? The answer […]

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