Vacation is Over, and I Shopped at Wal-Mart on Purpose
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Side note: EoG took an accidental snooze while I was on vacay due to an incompatible plugin, not laziness – look there are even posts! I apologize for our time apart. My time of not working is over. And now it’s time to start working again. In true manic Monday fashion, my first day back came through with an incredible start. Incredible as in unbelievable, not as in good. But before the rant about its terrible-ness, lets start with a sweeping statement about vacation being great. It was a real epic time. A trip from which to measure future trips. Now, complaining: Sunday I got a headache. It started in the morning and ached its way through the day. Off and on. From its feel I knew it was the beginning of a migraine, but was hoping some good sleep would thwart its hold. But seeing as it was almost […]

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Here, Let me Put that Contact in for you
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Since the summer between second and third grades, my face has been home to a set of vision correction devices. It started with glasses that were large enough to take up half my face – a style I’m told was “popular at the time” – and evolved to contacts and a series of smaller, albeit thicker-glassed, spectacles. In all my genetic flaws, my eyes are perhaps highest on the list – no offense, Mom and Dad. Both of them were given a set of peepers that wouldn’t let them see the end of a driveway, even if that driveway’s end was two feet away, and I inherited that same fate. Just how bad are they? Prescriptions confuse me, but I’m in the nearsighted area of -8.5 and -9; if I’m reading sans assistance (which my eye doctor told me not to do because “my eyes play tricks on me” – […]

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