The Best Things About Harry Potter
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For some unknown reason, it’s been far too long since I’ve mentioned Harry Potter. And what better way to make up for that oversight than by dedicating an entire blog post to the wonders that were created by JK (and Warner Brothers) for the world to so fully enjoy? So here you have it, some of the very best things about Harry Potter: The Pandora Station Working to music with words is hard; I can’t concentrate. So instead of fighting it, opt for HP Pandora instead. You’re welcome. Cozy Sweaters Just looking that these quirky monograms makes me want to coze up in a nice sweater. Like yesterday. How far until fall again? Castles and Other Really Old Looking Things Pretty much everything comes with character; no cookie-cutter belongings (or dwellings) here. Honeydukes And absolutely everything it has for sale. Things Dumbledore Says D-ore isn’t just a wizard with magic, […]

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