Call it a Comeback
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Hello there, it’s nice to see you again. The What After a 20-month break, I’ve decided to get the work gang back together. (And by gang I mean me, Toga, and our two new freshmen members, one dog, one human.) So hey girl, what’s up? A lot has happened since we last spoke: I moved to the South (then moved again), got a new-to-me car, took up archery, had a baby — oh, and we got cable.¬†As Ferris Bueller once told me, life moves pretty fast. He was right. The Why Last week I got a receipt from my blog host. It’s not especially expensive, but apparently two-year-ago me was like, 24-month plan, I’m all in! And I paid all at once. So then it expired and I got auto-billed. The extreme cheap-ness in me said no, this can’t happen. Why pay so much for something that’s just sitting? It’s […]

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