Coffee Creamer Flavors That Need to Be Invented
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In a controversial move for a tea-based blog, today’s post will be about coffee. Or rather, coffee accessories. It’s nothing personal to my homeslice, tea, it’s just a nice change of pace to smell coffee (when it is 6 am) and feel caffeine affects that actually work. Also works as a cheat for dessert. Pour in some of these delicious creamers and you can trick yourself into thinking you’re actually getting dessert. But I’d like to offer some suggestions, coffee creamer makers. Flavors that can (and should) be made to enhance our fake sugar meals. Also, to the grocery stores, if you could go ahead and stock every single one of these, year-round, that’d be great. No skimping to make room for the same generic crap; everyone is over French vanilla. Especially when it’s fat-free. (Can I get a collective bleh?) Instead, you should be making and stocking (depending on […]

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