The Pros and Cons of Early Mornings
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This blog is being penned at 5:30 am. On a Monday. Which feels like a real accomplishment. (She said, patting herself on her own back.) But seriously, I’m not even upset about being up. The cause? Prepping for a day of impromptu babysitting,* and still doing work … before afternooning with video games and park visits. (And hopefully napping. But can I also sleep? Is that being irresponsible? Once when I was visiting Hilde, who is a pro nanny, we both slept straight through naptime – hung over – and set an alarm so we weren’t zonked when the parents came home. Us and the kids were absolutely out.) Anyway, sometimes I wake up early and get things done. One of those “things” is rarely work on account of there being all day to get to the office, AKA second bedroom. But today, it is work. Though there’s still an […]

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