Living Life, a Little to the West
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Next week I’m going to Colorado. And I’m pretty pumped about it, obviously. Except when this posts, it will be this week – or last week. Maybe the week before last – who can keep up with my writing/posting schedule anyway? Definitely not me, for the second-most obvious statement for the day. Anyway, at some point in time I went to Colorado. To see a friend with a friend. (Who I decided was going with me and booked her ticket without confirming, which tells me she should always have a work-as-requested job.) And it’s going to be one of the best times in a while. Not only because I haven’t seen Colorado friend since the last time I accidentally ran into. But also because it means it’s a vacation, which I haven’t had since October. Basically, I’m due. Sure that means the week before will have twice as much work, […]

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